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polish brand  •  DOLCE VITA AT HEART

koszula z bufiastymi rękawami


What do we love the sun for? It can stimulate action, make you lazy, boost your mood. It illuminates ordinary objects, giving them unusual shapes and colours. It reminded us of the lazy Italian afternoons after the siesta, when after the overwhelming heat, the shutters in houses opened, restaurants started to put tables outside, and the streets and squares slowly began to fill up with people for whom it was a holy hour to meet, eat and enjoy life. We wanted to smuggle this sunny and warm atmosphere of the Italian dolce vita into our everyday life, which is not always so sunny and colourful, which we are not always able to fully enjoy.


It was not easy. Bringing this business idea to life has involved the work of many people, intense and consistent research, inspiring meetings and sometimes difficult experiences.

sukienka kopertowa midi z wiązaniem pistacjowa

Life is a combination of magic and pasta.

Federico Fellini

How was our brand created? Where do we get our inspiration from? How do we want you to feel in our clothes?

Handmade pasta is the essence of dolce vita and our clothing project.

The ingredients of our recipe are: the magic of everyday life, freedom, a sense of taste, celebrating the moment, precision and attention to detail, and above all fantasy and fun!


This is how La Farfalla was created – what does our clothing brand have to do with pasta? We made it ourselves, from the best ingredients, with the greatest care, attention to detail, with great fun and joy, with imagination. What else?

  • We work in the slow fashion trend
  • We design and sew in Poland
  • We cooperate with small studios and sewing rooms around Lódź
  • We start our clothing project with a careful selection of fabric or knitwear from Polish manufacturers and wholesalers
  • We test all prototypes on ourselves so that you could not only feel beautiful in our clothes, but above all comfortable

We hope that celebrating the moment in our clothes will become your everyday life.

marynarka lniana kawowa oversize